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“Everything is named or numbered, but few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence their experience, progress, and communication.”

– Juno Jordan

Do you have a favorite number?

Do you have a favorite Number? Have you noticed that one specific number keeps popping up in your life? There is a reason. Each number has a vibration as well as a distinct energy pattern, and the numbers you were born with Рyour Birthday, and the name on your Birth Certificate Рwill influence your life forever! 

Importance of Numerology

Your Numbers will tell you how to get the most out of life – ignore them at your peril! Numerology can help you live successfully, happily and in harmony with yourself and those around you. Every number tells a story. The best thing about numerology is that all you need to know is your birth name and your birth date. From these two pieces of information, you can create your personal numerology chart.

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