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Love, Money, Career, whatever your concerns Marishka will guide you with truth, compassion and integrity. She is completely dedicated to helping you remove the uncertainty, confusion and concerns.

If you are facing challenges in your life, Marishka can help you get back on track so you can move forward in resolving your issues. She is completely dedicated in helping you remove the uncertainty, confusion and worry.

Personal Consultations

Are you looking for personal guidance, coaching or counseling? Then you have come to the right person. With my in depth knowledge, gifted intuition and psychic medium, I am able to guide you according to your specific needs and circumstances. You will get the clarity you need to move forward and to see some of the options available. My passion is to share my knowledge. Lets talk!

Phone Consultations

How can I help you?”¬†– Marishka’s first question to anyone who asks for her guidance.

Marishka will guide you to see your goals, concerns, and objectives with clarity.

Business Consultations

Marishka will help you unleash one of the secrets that make Oprah, Gates and Trump so wildly successful. With her uncanny intuition she will provide valuable information that will help you see your goals and objectives quickly with clarity. Many top executives, CEO’s and entrepreneurs are calling on Marishka to share her knowledge and business intuition to help make their success soar!

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