Love? Money? Career?
Are you at a crossroads?
Is your life like a jigsaw puzzle?

Marishka will guide and help you put all the pieces together, so you can have clarity to move forward. She will guide you with truth, compassion and integrity.

Marishka specializes in helping clients generate the success they seek in their business and personal lives. Using her uncanny intuitive skills, her professionalism and enthusiasm she inspires and motivates, always keeping a positive attitude, she propels passion and strives for excellence.


  • In Person Consultations

    Are you looking for personal guidance, coaching or counseling? Then you have come to the right person.

    Phone Consultations

    How can I help you? - Marishka's first question to anyone who asks for her guidance.

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  • Psychic / Medium

    Marishka is a psychic medium and has an uncanny ability to communicate with the people and loved ones who have passed on. She looks forward to sharing her ability with kindness, compassion and truth. Life and Love are Eternal.

    Contact Marishka for your confidential and private consultation.

  • Turn your next home or corporate party into something fun and special.

    Marishka is the perfect ingredient to add to your next party. Flamboyant, confident and exciting, Marishka exudes professionalism, motivates and inspires.

    Call today to customize your event to suit your needs.

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  • Leave your audience energized, entertained, educated and inspired with Mariska as your keynote speaker.

    Topics & Descriptions

    It's a Numbers Game (The science of Numerology)
    It's all in your Hands (Hand Reading)
    Unleash your Sixth Sense (Developing your Intuition)

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  • Gift Certificates

    Use your gift certificate as whole or partial payment toward a consultation.

    Psychic Soup

    This little book covers many areas of the Psychic realm, briefly describing what is involved, and discussing in a light hearted manner some of the underlying philosophies.

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  • Hypnosis

    How hypnosis works, and what it is, has long baffled scientists. Even today, when our understanding of the human brain has increased so dramatically, the precise nature of hypnosis is still disputed. What seems clear, however, is that the phenomenon of hypnosis is real and measurable.

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  • Do you have a favorite Number?

    Have you noticed that one specific number keeps popping up in your life? There is a reason. Each number has a vibration as well as a distinct energy pattern, and the numbers you were born with - your Birthday, and the name on your Birth Certificate - will influence your life forever!

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  • Sometimes the issues blocking the path to your goals and dreams seem overwhelming and it's tempting to get discouraged...

    What should you do next?
    Are you tired of the struggle?
    What will be the outcome?

    Love, Money, Career whatever your concerns I will guide you with truth, compassion and integrity.

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